A Mushroom Grow Box?

Fun Guy Fungi has been having a lot of fun for over three years developing a pretty cool thing: a box, full of coffee waste which grows gourmet mushrooms - just add water!  

Traditional mushroom farming can be a tricky thing: there's the mycology of spores and spawn, then the transport, handling, pasteurization and sterilization of substrates. There's very expensive machinery involved, it requires precise regulation of airflow, temperature, humidity and of course, a very clean environment so nasty bacteria or other unwanted fungi don't colonize and contaminate the controlled environment.

All round, it's an expensive and delicate agricultural forté to persue; certainly a challenge in your own kitchen!


Fun Guy Fungi makes it easy.

Fun Guy Fungi has done all the tricky work for you. We've been having fun perfecting a box of ready-to-grow gourmet mushrooms and all you'll need to do is keep it moist!

In just a few steps, not only can you enjoy delicious gourmet mushrooms, but you can also help the environment by up-cycling the organic coffee grounds we've collected from local cafés and restaurants then packaged into these pretty neat biodegradable boxes. 


First step: grab a box and pick a spot!

We've priced our boxes at $25 bucks, to encourage people from all areas and ages to get on board and help up-cycle coffee waste - just because it's 'gourmet' doesn't mean it has to be expensive! These mushies usually go for $32+ a kilo, so it's a pretty good deal, really ;-D

Scroll down a little and grab yourself a box now, or, see the very bottom for local retailers near you. We're currently stocked in health food and hardware stores, nurseries and our partner cafés in and around Adelaide and Melbourne. If you're a retailer, club or school, please shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for wholesale enquiries and guest speaking opportunities, we'd love to chat!


Once you've got one, find the perfect location for your Fun Guy Fungi Grow Box. It can be indoors or outdoors as long as it is out of direct sunlight, in a cool spot, ideally around 18 degrees.

It’s a good idea to place the Grow Box in a location you frequently go to, like a kitchen bench or shelf. This way you will hopefully remember to water it and watch the mushroom growth! It doesn't have to be in the dark either... we've done that bit already!


Next step: encourage the growth

Place the box upright, remove the perforated flap on the front and carefully cut a 5cm “X” in the biodegradable lining bag. Give the Grow Box a good spray or sprinkle with water - it should be moist without being soggy or drenched.



Third step - getting close: maintain

It’s important you don’t let you Grow Box dry out – so sprinkle or mist with water at least once or twice a day. The rate at which the Grow Box dries out depends on the surrounding environment. If you find your Grow Box is drying out too quickly, try moving it to other locations which may be a little cooler, less breezy or more humid.



Step four: grow & harvest!

You should see the first mushrooms within two weeks (although depending on your environment it may take up to five). They will start as tiny pinheads and double in size everyday until you harvest. The mushrooms grow in little groups which become columns – when the biggest in the group is around 5cm across, it’s time to harvest.

You can harvest the mushrooms individually, however we find it is better to harvest the whole column by carefully removing it with a little twist at the base. Whack 'em in the fridge if you want to keep some for later; they'll last for ages in the fridge.

You will likely see two to five harvests of mushrooms over the course of one to two months – between 500g & 1kg of mushrooms!

Remember, it's not a precise science, a bit like guessing how many tomatoes your seedling will bring - but do your best and after a few failures (usually letting them dry out!) you'll get there!


Last step: compost!

When you can no longer see any pinhead mushroom groups starting - time to compost. Remove plastic bag from box then just dispose of the box and coffee grounds in your compost or garden! (We're working with our suppliers to use a 100% degradable plastic soon!).

Time to grab another box perhaps?? Check back as we bring out different seasonal varieties of mushrooms - currently we're producing Blue Oyster Mushrooms.

If you like, download and print out this instructional PDF, which covers all these steps.

Come back soon as we'll be adding a resource section with lots of helpful tips, a media pack, more info on our processes and even some recipes from acclaimed chef, Jesse Gerner!