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Whilst it’s all fun with growing fungi, we’re very serious about zero waste, innovative recycling and healthy food production.
We would love to share our story with you.

Waste and the Environment

Coffee waste is a fast growing environmental concern. Across the World, hundreds of tonnes of wasted grinds are going to landfill each day. The methane produced by this organic waste is said to be far more damaging to the atmosphere than even carbon dioxide.* Our love for the coffee bean is causing more damage than we may think.

Moreover, considering less than 1% of the coffee bean biomass ends up in your cup, the production costs, food miles, energy, water and labour which go into the other 99% is too, wasted.

So here's a more positive thought.

You can help up-cycle coffee waste by simply growing healthy, delicious gourmet mushrooms in your very own kitchen!

Fun Guy Fungi has been having a lot of fun since 2014 developing a pretty cool thing: a box, full of coffee waste which grows gourmet mushrooms - just add water! In just a few steps, not only can you enjoy delicious gourmet mushrooms, but you can also help the environment by up-cycling the organic coffee grounds we've collected from local cafés and restaurants!

Grab a grow kit!

So this is our story & we hope you can share in it with us soon! Grab a kit & start growing your own delicious gourmet mushrooms at home, all whilst helping the environment by reducing the World's coffee waste.

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Fun Guy Fungi - Aldgate, South Australia.

Fun Guy Fungi - Thornbury, Victoria.


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